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Netflix’s Dark’s official site, it’s a spoiler-free guide that let you dive deeper into the series and know more about who, what, where of the characters.

The website itself is well designed, the colour scheme suits well with series’s genre; science fiction thriller. A smart use of the family tree diagram included in the website makes it a lot easier to understand more about relationship between characters.

2. Humans

Humans provides downlodable and customisable3d characters for UI design and other uses.

This site is basically the preview of what wou will get from downloading their Human packs. The main visual is…


Leica 的網頁設計概念來源於他們的照相機的外觀, 利用黑、紅、百為主要顏色, 移動光標的時候會產生 hover 的效果, 畫面上會出現照相機的聚焦icon. 當你滾下去畫面會慢慢的 fade to black。

2.Royal College of Art

英國皇家藝術學院的網站以照片為主視覺, 主要顏色平時是黑底、白字體 ,但你閱讀文章會變成白底、黑字體。這個網站利用了各種hover 特效, 滑鼠移到照片的時候會降低照片的彩度,如果移到選單上面, 字體會變成白或紅色或出現底線。

3. Fully Studio’s

一個網頁設計公司的網站, 他用了很多動畫和彩度高的顏色, 讓她的網頁看起來很有活力。在文字比較多的地方會搭配空白的背景,很適合閱讀而且不會干擾眼睛。滑鼠移到影片的時候會出現play的三角形icon可以點進去。

4. Calvin Teng

這是台灣畫家 Calvin Teng的作品網站, 他的網站很有特色,而且可以表的他的作品的特徵, 尤其是他所用的特效, 當網頁loading 完成, 新頁面會慢慢出現像水彩一樣。很可惜的地方是他用了蠻多箭頭但下去或滑鼠移動到的時候都沒有什麼特效。

5. Earl.St

這個網站的彩色處理得很好,很有優雅感就像他們的作品。滾下去的時候, 本來在左邊的menu會跑到右邊,變成白色的tab因為他認為在 homepage 他希望客戶重視他的主視覺所以menu就可以不用那麼突顯, 下面比較有內容的地方客戶才會使用menu 。


One of the most sucessful smartphone brand, and the biggest rival of Apple. Samsung promise to devote its talent and technology to creating high quality products and services to make the world a better place for everyone.

For their brand image, the logo is a symbol of flexibility and simplicity, The oval shape that represents the universe and global stage has been slightly tilted to create the dynamic, which symbolises innovation.

Logo design

1.Hello Monday

Hello monday is a creative studio that make digital product for customers around the world.

The color scheme of the web interface is mainly black and white to keep it simple and clean. They also insert some motion effect gimmick to the transition from page to page.


這個網站應該是世界上UI設計最差的, 因為創作者是來自做UI 設計的公司,他們的目的是想讓使用者或菜鳥設計師可以體驗到不好的UI設計,而讓他們更了解UI的概念。

看起來是沒有什麼複雜的遊戲, 但玩起來沒有那麼容易, 你只要儘快地把標單填完就成功。但你進去這個網站之後就會發現有一些你以為是可以點開的按鈕並不是可以連接到下一頁, 而且背景和字體的明度和彩度也是差不多,所以有時候要瞇著眼睛看。如果你完成了第一頁, 第二頁還更慘。


PTT 最大的缺點是視覺的問題。因為北京是黑色, 在白天的時候閱讀就會覺得眼睛很不舒服, 如果要改善應該有Day Mode 和 Night Mode 的功能。字體也太細, 頁面的編排也不好,有時候如果文章越長,空格就越少, 好像要把一大篇文章塞在礦子裡面, 產生了不理想的視覺干擾。


1. Airbnb

1. Coachella

One of the biggest annual music and art festival held at the desert in California which feature many artists from various genre from pop to indie.

This website provides one-stop services for everything about Coachella.Buying passes, tour planning, lost and found, they’ve got you covered.

The website’s design is fresh just like an oasis of creativity in the desert, it looks refreshing with a yellow gradient background and cute doodles suit its theme well. Menu bar is also well-designed and convenient.

2. Ethereum

Cryptocurrency market has been growing a lot in the past few years, as many developers are starting to…


“Lusion” is a creative studio which combine technology and creativity to provide clients stunning interactive graphic and deliver it in various medium including both physical installation and websites.

Starts with the dark background layered with bold and bright colours on the homepage to get viewer’s eyes ready for more stimulating interactive graphic waiting on “About Us”

Background animation and smartly selected colour scheme inviting you to get to know about them more

This “ About Us” page is to showcase their profession, of course, real-time interactive graphic. A glowing human figure running forward along with laser beams in the background…


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