5 Websites with Outstanding Design#2

1. Coachella https://coachella.com/

One of the biggest annual music and art festival held at the desert in California which feature many artists from various genre from pop to indie.

This website provides one-stop services for everything about Coachella.Buying passes, tour planning, lost and found, they’ve got you covered.

The website’s design is fresh just like an oasis of creativity in the desert, it looks refreshing with a yellow gradient background and cute doodles suit its theme well. Menu bar is also well-designed and convenient.

2. Ethereum https://ethereum.org/en/

Cryptocurrency market has been growing a lot in the past few years, as many developers are starting to create tons of new currencies, Ethereum still maintains its position as a second runner up for “the most profitable crypto investment platforms”.

When entering Ethereum, first thing you will see is a full page of pastel purple illustration, Who would’ve thought a fellow of Bitcoin could be this aesthetic? Even though the web designer didn’t insert a lot of animated graphic but that’s what make the website look professional , unnecessary decorations are not needed.

3. Warner Music Group https://www.wmg.com/

An entertainment company, a home for many talents around the world and one of the “big three” in global music industry.

Starting with well-shot pictures of world’s favourite stars in the homepage is a smart move to draw eyes on. Vivid and lively colour icons on a dark background is also a good choice because it will not sting eyes. These elements make the websites look really poppin’ that it couldn’t bore you from scrolling through it,

4. Chifure https://www.chifure.co.jp/

A Japanese skincare brand that trust in simplicity and sustainability, their quality products only contain what your skin really need.They believe that “Less is more” philosophy can be applied to everything from your lifestyle to your skincare routine.

The website’s style embraces all of the brand’s philosophy which emphasizes minimalism. There are a lot of animated photos of nature which can soothe tired minds. I think the designer did well in finding the right level of simplicity. It actually not easy to be minimal but still functional, and it needs a lot of planning to design a graphic-based website but still manage to apply to the concept of minimalism.

5. Kinfolk https://www.kinfolk.com/

Kinfolk is a magazine dedicated to promote creativity in lifestyle and culture. It features many creative professionals from many fields including design, architecture and fashion, just to name a few.

White background, black text in a unique font complement each other and when combined with stunning photographs, they make a good combination, “aesthetically pleasing” indeed.



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